Biddick Academy - SEND


Student Support

The achievements and well-being of all our students is important to us, whatever their level of ability or the challenges they face.

Biddick Academy is committed to ensuring that all students receive a fully inclusive education. Every child matters at Biddick Academy and every student can achieve.

Special Educational Needs

Students who have specific learning difficulties or other special educational needs are catered for in a variety of ways. We always empathise personalised learning throughout the Academy to match student ability and circumstance. We are careful to ensure that those who receive personalised learning are not made to feel 'different'.

The Unity Centre

We have a passion for Inclusion. The Academy's 'Unity' mainstream  ASD provision is very much at the heart of the centre of the 'Biddick' philosophy. Unity learners have enriched the Academy and are very much an example of our inclusive philosophy in action.

The Unity Centre is based in recently refurbished and extended facilities in the heart of the Academy, made up of 10 individual teaching and learning areas.

Specialist staff, subject specialists and support staff ensure that a number of students with individual needs develop and grow into confident, independent and successful individuals.

Please click access our policy section of the website to view our SEND Policy