National Numeracy Week

Week commencing the 17th May saw the start of numeracy week at Biddick Academy. The intent of this week was to raise curiosity and excitement within our students through engaging numeracy tasks across the curriculum.

Each day throughout the week students were given a numeracy-based task to complete during form time with their classmates and tutor. The incentive of the morning task was to enhance student engagement in maths and develop problem solving skills.

National Numeracy Day landed at the academy on Wednesday the 19th of May. Throughout the day all subjects had incorporated numeracy skills into their curriculum to highlight its importance across all areas of education. The maths faculty promoted enthusiasm by organising guest speakers from the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. The sessions which were delivered gave a detailed overview of how maths can be applied to wider life.

The Academy has also signed up to champion numeracy through the national numeracy charity.

The link below can be used by parents and carers to help develop your own numeracy skills and help best support your child.