b'LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOMWe believe that academicA number of sporting clubs exist and this is complemented by our desire for students to perform, success should go hand in handbe it in a drama or music club. We want our students to with a rich variety of extra- be curious and creative learners; we support this outside of the classroom through numerous clubs curricular activities. linked to art, technology and ICT.We work hard to ensure that a wide range of interests We encourage each student toare catered for. Wherever there is demand for a club or activity, we will always try to nd a way to make it nd at least one activity thathappen. Students are encouraged to become involved they enjoy and can excel in. Wein Academy life and to take part in leadership opportunities, sporting events, fundraising for charity, have a keen focus on leadershiptrips and residential visits. All students contribute to the local community and we believe this has a positive and volunteering withimpact on the development of young people.opportunities available for our students to be involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award or to become a Sports Leader.12 Biddick Academy Prospectus'