b'UNLOCKING POTENTIALAt Biddick Academy weWe have extremely high expectations of all of our students and encourage them to show respect to each consistently challenge ourother at all times. We work hard to make sure that students to reach their trueeveryone feels welcome, safe and valued whilst actively contributing to our community. We are a fully inclusive potential. In order to achieveschool, which is proud to be LGBTQ+ friendly and recognises the importance of social justice. this, we believe that all of our students deserve to feel safe,Our Form Tutors are responsible for our studentswell-being. They, along with the Heads of Year, have secure and happy.personal knowledge of each student and are on hand to provide help and guidance in all aspects of school life. Students who require extra assistance are well-supported so that they overcome any potential barrier to their success. Our experienced SENCo and Student Support Team work across Biddick Academy to ensurethat all students individual needs are met and cared for. We are committed to ensuring our students achieve and while we will press them to have the highest expectations of themselves, we will also support them in equal measure. Our experienced pastoral team recognise the importance of our students emotional health and wellbeing and show care and empathy while encouraging our students to build their own resilience. We are incredibly proud of our students endeavours and successes both within and beyond the classroom.We regularly recognise their progress and achievements and capitalise on every opportunity to celebrate their efforts. 8 Biddick Academy Prospectus'