Inspiring learning, unlocking potential, achieving success

Inspiring learning, unlocking potential, achieving success

Inspiring learning, unlocking potential, achieving success

We are on a journey in the pursuit of the highest standard of educational achievement.

Our aim is to be the best we can be, with our young people experiencing the highest quality of education. We are passionate and determined that within their education every student achieves, enjoys their learning, is happy and cared for, and develops as a well-rounded individual.

Miss K. Morris, Headteacher.

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Meet the Pupils

My name is Georgia and I am Head Girl at Biddick Academy. I have been on the Student Council since Year 7 and my main extra-curricular interest is Dance. I applied to be Head Girl so that I can act as a bridge of communication between staff and the student body so that all students feel more confident with sharing their ideas and being more involved within our school community. Being a Senior Prefect and working on the Student Council have provided me with great opportunities to be responsible, prepare and deliver whole-school assemblies, interview prospective candidates for teaching roles within the school and meet regularly with my peers – these opportunities have all improved my leadership capacity and potential. The attributes of an effective and respected Head Girl are confidence, reliability and kindness – I hope to demonstrate these qualities in this role. As Head Girl I also hope to become more detail-orientated and gain more confidence in public speaking whilst always acting as a mature role model to my fellow students. Some of the goals I hope to achieve as Head Girl are reducing the Academy’s carbon footprint and becoming a mentor for the newer members of Biddick Academy so that they feel like a confident and welcomed member of our community.


My name is Finn and my Biddick journey has been exciting from the start. I was lucky to have lots of transition from my primary school before I started Biddick academy. Due to my Autism, I have a place within the Unity Centre, which is a specialist provision within Biddick Academy where I go for additional support, or small intervention lessons. I can also use the Unity Centre for time-out away from mainstream school to self-regulate; this is a safe, happy place where I can also spend social times and lunch times with my friends. I receive extra support in my lessons, alongside other students with additional needs. This helps to build my confidence and helps me focus on my work. Support staff are also there to help me resolve any issues I have, and they also support me to develop my social skills and to help me develop my independence. During my time at Biddick I have participated in some residential school trips which I really enjoyed. These trips also helped me build my resilience and tolerance of new experiences. Biddick Academy is an inclusive school where all students are supported and differences are celebrated. In my final year, I will be receiving support to help me choose the right college for me, hopefully to study hospitality and catering. I feel lucky to have been a part of the Biddick Academy family and I appreciate all the support I have had from teachers and support staff.


My name is Freddie and I am proud to be both Head Boy and a Senior Prefect at Biddick Academy. I have really enjoyed my time studying here and I have been fortunate enough to have had amazing support from teachers who have helped me to develop both academically and personally. For me, experiencing all that Biddick Academy has to offer and achieving the role of Head Boy has given me the confidence that I need to take my next steps prepared and ready for later life. I have been given the opportunity to represent the Academy in a variety of sports such as rugby, table tennis and football. These opportunities have given me a varied and well-rounded school experience that I hope I can help deliver to new and current students in my role as Head Boy. Whilst studying at Biddick Academy, I have enjoyed all of my core and optional subjects with my favourites being Maths, English, Spanish and Science. I am looking forward to making a positive difference this academic year and to support the Academy in continuing to make lessons engaging and challenging for all of our students.



Over 1100 students attending the Academy


Over 30 subjects available to study


100% of students receive one to one Careers Guidance