Pupil Premium

As with other publicly-funded schools in England, Biddick Academy receives extra funding from the government to help them improve the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils. Evidence shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds generally face extra challenges in reaching their potential at school. Disadvantaged pupils often do not perform as well as their peers. Biddick Academy is committed to ensure that all students reach their true potential, irrespective of their social or economic background. The pupil premium grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve. Biddick Academy intends to remove barriers to achievement through its Disadvantaged student strategy.

Biddick Academy Disadvantaged Strategy Evaluation Statement – 2018/19

All students from our Year 11 disadvantaged student cohort were entered for the 2019 GCSE exam series meaning 100% entry rate. Of those entries 43% attained a 4+ in English and 54% attained a 4+ in Maths. 40% of the Disadvantaged Student cohort attained both English and Maths at a 4+. Progress 8 data shows our lower attaining cohort diminished the gap from -0.53 to -0.06. This is a consequence of whole school CPD with a focus on lesson planning and differentiation.

It is with pride that 98.5% our disadvantaged cohort progressed and sustained placements in work, further education or training. This clearly demonstrates a clear recognition of the importance of lifelong learning and is a reflection of the positive attitudes that our disadvantaged Student cohort has. It also demonstrates the impact of our ‘Pathways to Progress’ mentoring initiative where targeted students met with staff at a ratio of 1 to 1.  This bespoke support was embodied within a wider model for careers education and support.

A positive impact is demonstrated in Key Stage Three progress where ‘Spotlight’ students were identified resulting in ‘Challenge’ meetings and targeted enhancement classes. The focus being predominantly on middle ability boys showed that 71% (Year 7 Science), 75% (Year 9 English) and 65% (Year 9 Maths) made progress at least in line with, or above expectation. Overall in the Year 7 DS cohort 78% were on target or above in English, 82% in Maths and 79% in Science. In Year 8, 75% were on target or above in English with 69% in Maths and 66% in Science. In Year 9 within the DS cohort 78% were on target or above in English, 82% in Maths and 79% in Science. We will continue to focus on targeted intervention which has enabled a number of learning gaps to be diminished whilst providing secure foundations to further increase predicted outcomes for future cohorts.

Disadvantaged students continue to have a good attitude to school life as demonstrated by our behaviour data ‘Behaviour Watch’ which shows a decrease in the rate of low level consequences, such as a lack of equipment and an increase in the number of rewards with students regularly using the ‘Biddick Shop’. Disadvantaged Student attendance remains in line with the national average at 91% a result of our ‘Take Control’ self-reflection overviews that were led by form tutors. Our cohort has also benefited from our ‘Gold Status’ for Inspiring IAG Award which is key to our student’s personal development.

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Our Pupil Premium Strategy Review/Evaluation is due in October 2020