Biddick Academy regards homework for all year groups as an integral and essential part of school life. It is a key factor in ensuring that each student achieves his or her potential and is set regularly. It helps to build resilience and supports an ethos of independent learning, ensuring that your child has the skills to be successful as they move through school and beyond.

Homework does not only reinforce classroom learning, it also helps students to develop good study habits and self-discipline. It fosters a spirit of enquiry and curiosity, things that are fundamental to the enjoyment of learning.

The objectives of setting homework are: 

  • To promote readiness – to encourage students to develop the skills, study habits, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own. This is vital given the importance of students being ready for their next steps.
  • To promote resilience – consolidating, reinforcing, extending and revisiting skills and understanding developed at school, so that students can address any misconceptions.
  • To promote aspiration – allowing students the opportunity for further study of the subject.
  • To promote curiosity – to develop an inquisitive mind in subject specific areas.

Homework is set regularly.  The exact frequency and length of homework will depend on the curriculum time for each subject, the nature of the work and the needs of the individual learners.

The following timings should act as a broad guideline as to the amount of homework per week: 

  • Years 7/8 – 30 minutes per subject per week 
  • Year 9 – 45 minutes per subject per week 
  • Years 10/11 – 1 hour per subject per week 

Homework will consist of a variety of tasks/forms, for example:

  • Reading – strategic reading is an integral part of homework
  • Preparation for work yet to be done
  • Research activities
  • Revising and preparation for exams.

At Biddick Academy we use ‘Class Charts’ an on-line platform to set the homework. This app informs both parents and the students of any homework set and allows access to any attachments. The app can be easily downloaded and is suitable for all smart phones/iPad.

Students can access their homework and receive updates and reminders on their devices.

After School Support:

All students can also use the Library on a lunchtime and for an hour each evening, when a member of staff will be available. For subject specific help, many departments have regular after school clubs or clinics where staff are available to support with the homework set.

To help your child with their home learning, you should: 

  • Regularly check our homework platform (Class Charts) so you are aware of any homework being set for your child.
  • Provide a quiet and suitable place for your child to complete their homework (where possible).
  • Make it clear that you value the importance of homework and support the Academy by explaining how homework can help your child make progress at school.
  • Encourage your child to complete their homework and praise them when they have done so.
  • Check deadlines are met.
  • Check Class Charts for behaviour and reward updates, as well as details of homework set.