Revision Information


Please click on the following video to access information for parents relating to exams, support available in school and revision ideas and strategies.

TeachTalk Presentations

Here you can access a series of TeachTalk presentations which will cover key topics and skills across a variety of GCSE subjects. These presentations have been created by subject specialists and will help your child to prepare for both their Year 11 mock and final examinations.


Year 11 Revision Tasks – Literature

On the following document, there are a range of revision activities, websites and exam style questions to complete for Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls.

When you complete an exam style question, aim to address your previous targets (e.g. develop your explanations/explain the writer’s intentions).

Click here to access Year 11 Revision Literature Task Document

Year 11 Science Tasks

Displacement and Graphs Revision Presentation

Biology Paper 1 Revision

Revision guides

It is crucial that students at Biddick Academy are fully equipped with appropriate revision resources to support them in their independent study.