Revision Information


Please click on the following video to access information for parents relating to exams, support available in school and revision ideas and strategies.

TeachTalk Presentations

Here you can access a series of TeachTalk presentations which will cover key topics and skills across a variety of GCSE subjects. These presentations have been created by subject specialists and will help your child to prepare for both their Year 11 mock and final examinations.



Year 11 Revision Tasks – Literature

On the following document, there are a range of revision activities, websites and exam style questions to complete for Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls.

When you complete an exam style question, aim to address your previous targets (e.g. develop your explanations/explain the writer’s intentions).

Click here to access Year 11 Revision Literature Task Document

Year 11 Science Tasks

Displacement and Graphs Revision Presentation

Biology Paper 1 Revision

After School Revision

We encourage our Year 11 students to take part in a range of booster and revision classes during Years 10 and 11.  To help prioritise their revision, Maths, English and Science revision classes are held on different nights and students will not be asked to attend other subjects on the same evening. Attendance to Maths, English and Science revision sessions is by invitation only and done on a rotation basis. Due to the importance of additional tuition, we would very much appreciate your support in ensuring your child’s attendance to invited sessions.

Year 11 ASL Timetable September 2021

Year 10 ASL Timetable 2020-21 Summer Term

Revision guides

It is crucial that students at Biddick Academy are fully equipped with appropriate revision resources to support them in their independent study. In order to further support your child with their revision, please find below an order form for recommended revision guides for GCSE students.

Please visit the Biddick Academy shop to purchase Revision Guides.

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Revision Strategies – October 2021

Revision websites 

Please find below a list of subject specific websites, which will support your child with their revision.

BBC Bitesize

This website is full of helpful knowledge about lots of GCSE courses that will give you key information and accompanying GCSE style questions.

YouTube – BBC Teach

Thousands of free curriculum-linked class clips on BBC Teach all arranged by subject and age group.

English – Helpful study guides around to English Literature with sample tests, essay help, and translations of Shakespeare.

YouTube – Mr Bruff – An English teacher making videos on GCSE English Language and Literature.


Quizlet – Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes. You start by creating your own study sets with terms and definitions and next, you can add images to support your revision and retrieval of information.

ActiveLearn – Thousands of reading and listening tasks that will be set as homework to enable students to practise these skills.


Hegarty Maths – An online learning platform containing 600+ video lessons and 40,000+ bespoke quiz questions presented in a carefully sequenced, scaffolded and connected manner and delivered both comprehensively and rigorously to foster deep understanding of the subject content and promote mathematical mastery.

Computer Science

Craig N Dave Videos – A comprehensive list of revision videos covering the entire GCSE syllabus. Each point from the specification is covered in a short video which includes real world examples, GCSE style questions, discussion and much more. These short videos make it easier to organise revision into small sessions and keep yourself organised. – An IDEA Award Scheme to support students with their homework

Smart Revise – Hundreds of exam-style questions with command word help to assist students in how to approach the question, and guided marking to show them how to apply the mark scheme to their answer.


Educake – Shows students their strengths and weaknesses in an easy to read red-amber-green table, so you can focus on the topics that need more work. Students can click on any topic to take an automatically-created revision test.

Science (AQA)

Seneca Learning – An effective & engaging interactive revision guide that can be used for free with summaries, notes, videos and lots of different types of practice questions.

Sports Science

Brian Mac – Contains a variety of information to support research for assignments in RO42, RO43 and RO45, for example fitness testing procedures and normative data, nutrition and training programmes.

Mr WNUK PE – Topic overviews containing full content coverage for each paper, which can be used to support revision and homework.