All students should have high expectations of themselves and aim to be awarded prefect status; this journey starts in Year 7 and will be a constant goal that you strive towards. Awarded in Year 10, prefects would act as role models at the Academy for younger pupils aspiring to become prefects when they too reach Year 10.

The role of prefect allows you to take on extra responsibilities and gain experience in a leadership role. You will work closely with members of staff, undertake various duties around school and represent the Academy at after school events. This role will help you develop interpersonal skills working with your peers, staff and parents.

Being awarded prefect status is recognition of hard work, a positive attitude and supporting the school ethos. A further reward of being appointed as a prefect, is the benefits it will bring you in future applications to college, university and employment.

How can you become a Prefect? 

Students should formally express their interest in the role by contacting Mr Knowles.