Our main priority is to reward our students for getting things right!

Students are awarded points every day for successfully applying the Student Code of Conduct and going above and beyond in any aspect of school life. This develops positive habits and helps form the values that enable our students to actively contribute to the wider life of the school and society.


We value success of all kinds at Biddick Academy. Students gain reward points (which you and your parents/carers can see via Class Charts) in a number of categories, including effort, quality of work, attendance, and contributions to the school and community.

For example, you may receive reward points for:

  • Showing a positive attitude to learning in lessons
  • Reading a book or completing an Accelerated Reader quiz
  • Playing a sport
  • Bringing in the correct equipment everyday
  • Being in full uniform everyday
  • Achieving good attendance

These reward points can be redeemed in the student shop. You will find items such as stationary, water bottles, sporting items and much more.

We celebrate your achievements through assemblies and celebration events; however, our school systems are designed to recognise achievements as they happen, to reinforce positive behaviours daily.


Our students submit fantastic pieces of work every day, and to celebrate and recognise the especially outstanding pieces of work, students are nominated for the prestigious award of Biddick Academy Work of the Week.

If a student is successfully announced as a winner, they will receive a letter, certificate and a gift from the Headteacher.

You can see the amazing work by clicking the links below.

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Work of the Week – 15th March 2021

Work of the Week – 1st March 2021

Work of the Week – 22nd February 2021

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Work of the Week – 1st February 2021

Work of the Week – 25th January 2021

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Work of the Week – 11th January 2021