Online Safety

Apps and websites can be a great tool for young people to find out about the world, but some areas of the internet are not always safe for children. Our students are growing up in a world surrounded by social media and they seem very comfortable online, whereas adults are sometimes more nervous of technology.  Children are still learning about the world and sometimes they can be taken advantage of.

To help support you as a parent/carer, we suggest:

  • Parents and carers should discuss with their children the use of technology, and take the time to find out more about their children’s online life; it is advisable to know who your children’s online friends are and what apps they are using.
  • It is also worth setting parental controls, both on devices and on the home and mobile internet feeds – this is not a total solution, but it does reduce the chances of children either coming into contact with inappropriate material or individuals. 

Advice on setting up parental controls is available from by following the parental controls link.  Alternatively, the NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to provide free support on setting up controls which is available by ringing their helpline on 0808 8005002.

The sites listed below are a great resource for both parents and students. They provide a range of guidance and advice on key online safety issues. Find the latest information on the sites, mobile technology and new technology that your child will be using. This site provides practical advice and guidance on how you can support your child to stay safe online. Every year CEOP produce content that is both engaging and relevant to young people. The videos and activities are a great way to lead into a conversation with your children. Lots of great help and advice to ensure that you are in the know about technology affecting young people today. This is a unique interactive e-safety guide for parents and carers. It is designed to help you as a parent or carer to keep up to date with how children are using the internet, and support them in using these exciting services safely and responsibly. This site provides good quality information on specific digital devices, how they work and the issues that your child will face.