Extra-Curricular Activities

Whether you’re a budding scientist, musician or actor, there is a club for you at the Academy. Clubs don’t just revolve around sports and performing arts either with a wide range of exciting activities available for everyone all happening under one roof!

Extra-Curricular Programme

The extra-curricular programme runs alongside the Character Award and is a great way for students to connect current learning, further develop their skills and meet new friends.  The variety of the extra-curricular programme ensures that every student should find an activity to develop their aspirations, curiosity, readiness and resilience.  Each club has a skill focus and students will explore a range of careers linked to their interests.

To ensure that we are delivering a COVID safe programme, each Year group will access clubs on a designated day, within their own year group bubble.  There is a maximum number of students for each activity and students will need to sign up for their chosen club (see extra-curricular booklet for club details).  All clubs run for five weeks and there will be a new programme offer every half-term.

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Day  Time Year Group Character Award Clubs
Tuesday 3.05pm – 4.05pm Year 7 Inspire Craft, Tennis, Sign Language, Girls and Boys Football, Animal, Stargazing, Cricket, Connect 3,
Wednesday 3.05pm – 4.05pm Year 8 Inspire Debate, Drama, Creative Therapy, Tennis, Spanish, Coding, Mindfulness, Football
Thursday 3.05pm – 4.05pm Year 9 Future Me Football, Tennis, History through Film, Science STEM, Wellness and Mindfulness,  Be You





Please click on the following link to  find out more about the clubs.

Extra Curricular Booklet 2020 2021

Please click the following link to access a letter from the Modern Foreign Languages Department with further details regarding our Language Club offer for Year 8 students

Year 8 MFL Club Information

Academic After School Learning can be found by clicking here

Character Award

The Character Award provides many opportunities throughout the curriculum to enable students to develop their character beyond the classroom.  Please see the link for more information.

Character Award Information 2020

Challenge Card 2