Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 at Biddick Academy

Holocaust Memorial Day: Remembering the victims of all genocides – YouTube

Holocaust Memorial Day took place on Wednesday 27th January 2021 and, despite learning remotely, we still managed to remember all those people all around the world who have been victims of genocide both in the past and today. Year nine have been studying the holocaust in their history lesson since the start of the Spring term and we studied the events of Kristallnacht – when the Jewish Community were attacked in November 1938 – in the week of Holocaust Memorial Day. Here is a video were survivors of Kristallnacht recall their experiences.

Holocaust Survivors Remember Kristallnacht – YouTube

Additionally, students in their IAG Curriculum have been covering the Holocaust in their lessons over the last week. They have looked at the Anti-Semitism in Europe before World War Two, the Nazi rise to power in Germany, the persecution of the Jewish population of Germany, the effect of World War Two on the persecution of the Jews, the Wansee Conference and the start of the “final solution”, conditions and life in the death camps and the consequences of the holocaust both yesterday and today.

This documentary from the series “The World at War” tells the story of the Holocaust both from an historical point of view and the perspective of the victims and perpetrators.

The World At War 1973(World War II Documentary) 01.A New Germany (1933–1939) – YouTube