Year 7 Readathon Launch

For the next three weeks, all students in Year 7 are invited to take part in a Readathon, a sponsorship challenge designed to improve literacy by encouraging reading for pleasure. 

Children’s author Tom Palmer, best known for books such as After The War and his Rugby Academy series, virtually wished students in Year 7 at Biddick Academy all the very best with their sponsored read.

Students can read any texts and in any way they choose, and have also been given a sponsorship booklet to ask friends and family to help them raise money for charity. The money raised helps the charity Readathon to regularly give brand new books and storyteller visits to children’s hospitals across the UK. For more information, check out your child’s sponsorship card and visit

Form tutors and teachers will be on the look out to reward spectacular effort from individual students and there will be Praise Points given as prizes to all students who return a sponsor form. There will be opportunities to read during form time at school and in Accelerated Reader lessons.

The closing date for Readathon is Monday 19th October and we ask that sponsor booklets be handed in by the end of that week, Friday 23rd October.

Please do encourage your child to get involved in this opportunity!